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Hornady A-TIP Bullet Test - Will They Work For Hunting?

Published on 11 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

Will the new Hornady A-TIP bullets work for hunting? Will they expand on big game? We put it to the test on a big New Mexico Antelope!

It's a question that's been on our mind since Hornady announced the new long range match bullet line back in April, 2019. The Gunwerks team is always on the lookout for the best new innovations in long range hunting and shooting gear. The concept and design of this new bullet is intriguing. Since getting our hands on a few to test, they've done very well on paper and steel at close and long range.

After doing some of our own preliminary testing and talking to a few people "in the know", we decided to put them to the test on an antelope at our annual Long Range University and Antelope Hunt in Raton, New Mexico. Watch to see the results!

Game: Pronghorn
Location: Raton, New Mexico
Range: 690 yards
Rifle: Gunwerks ClymR 6.5 PRC
Bullet: 135 grain Hornady A-TIP bullet @ 3,033 fps muzzle velocity
Dial-Up: 3.4 MRAD
Wind: Right 5mph = .3 MRAD hold
Impact Velocity: 2,300 feet per second
Result: Behind shoulder shot, exit out opposite shoulder with golfball sized exit wound. Animal ran 30 yards and expired.

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