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Motorcycle Trick Shot - 3 Balloons 1 Shot Each - 2nd Video - Kirsten Joy Weiss

Published on 25 Aug 2020 / In Sports

This is a response to the original video: http://youtu.be/NhvWuO1DXS8
This was my very first attempt at this trick shot, I shot all 3 balloons in 1 shot each (remember ricochet) BUT the GoPro malfunctioned.
Since my goal is to keep the shot portion of my videos un-edited so they are more real, AND since its hard to see the balloons without the GoPro View, I didn't include this one in my original video.
I'm also not trying to be perfect, I'm just having a great time shooting! So I posted the previous video, even though I take a few more shots. Light was low, scope only allowed a split second for target acquisition (woulda been easier with open sights or a pistol) but ya gotta take what ya get sometimes! Sure was a heck of a lotta fun!

Gun Review: Volquartsen Snake Fluted Barrel http://kirstenjoyweiss.com/gun....reveiw-volquartsen-s

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