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SAIGA 12 Tactical Shotgun, Saving Children From Artificial Flavors, One Shotgun Shell at a Time

Published on 25 Aug 2020 / In Sports

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Gun fun courtesy of: Mike Rogers @ http://lonestararms.com. Go say hi!

SAIGA12 Tactical Shotgun
Mike Rogers and his lovely wife (owners of Lone Star Arms in Texas) drove hours to come join us ( the truthaboutguns.com crew and me) to show off his tricked out SAIGA-12s (this is my first time shooting the saiga-12). We didn't have targets (ok we did, but they were completely boring), so I suggested we make a Dollar General run and get various things on which to unleash the magnificence. This video contains some of them. Eight cans of ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED grape soda. I'm as much into health as I am into shooting. So I feel like this accomplished two things. 1) saved unsuspecting people from drinking essentially poisons and 2) um. Blew stuff up with a shotgun. Need I say more?


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