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SNIPER 101 Part 73 - Coriolis Effects on Rifle Bullets

Published on 05 Dec 2021 / In Film & Animation

Coriolis effects on rifle bullets explained in detail. Yes, the Earth's spin affects the apparent flight path of a rifle bullet when fired at extreme long ranges. How much do you adjust for coriolis? Watch this!

NOTES (to burn into your brain):

1. Horizontal Coriolis Correction
- Deflection is the Same Irrespective of Direction of Fire
- Northern Hemisphere: Always Deflects POI to RIGHT (adjust fire Left)
- Southern Hemisphere: Always Deflects POI to LEFT (adjust fire Right)
- Magnitude Depends on Latitude
- Poles: Maximum Deflection
- Equator: Zero Deflection

2. Vertical Coriolis Correction
- Deflection Changes Respective to Direction of Fire
- Shooting Due North - Deflection is ZERO
- Shooting Due South - Deflection is ZERO
- Shooting East -- Deflects POI HIGH (adjust fire Down)
- Shooting West -- Deflects POI LOW (adjust fire Up)
- Magnitude Depends on Latitude
- Poles: Zero Deflection
- Equator: Maximum Deflection

All the music in this video was created by TiborasaurusRex, an unsigned artist.

Song Titles: Wadi Watir, Particle Jam, Magnetic Night
Music and Lyrics by: TiborasaurusRex
Instrumentation and Vocals by: TiborasaurusRex
Recorded by: TiborasaurusRex

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