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Weekly Used Gun Review Ep. 67

Published on 05 Dec 2021 / In Film & Animation

Welcome to Weekly Used Gun Review. These videos are meant to by entirely educational. Nothing in the video is for sale. There are no fire demonstrations in this video. In this series I pick a small sample of guns that have been brought into our store for review. This is a good way to expose my viewers to a wide array of firearms that might not otherwise get their own dedicated review. Any comments asking for pricing or inquiries into the purchase of these items will be deleted. Thanks for watching!

This video is meant strictly for entertainment and educational purposes ONLY. None of the items in this video are being offered for sale to any viewers of this video.

In this video:

Ishapore 2A1 - .308
Ruger New Model Single Six - .22LR/.22 Mag
Cobray M11 Carbine - 9mm
Sig Sauer P220 - 9mm
Wilson Combat EDC X9L - 9mm
DWM P08 Luger - 9mm
Mauser C96 - 7.63x25 Mauser
AMT Automag III - .30 Carbine

Photo Credits:

Borchardt Photo: lugercollectorscom

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